Post Operative Instruction

1. No drinking through a straw and no spitting until you are seen again by Dr. Ray, this can cause prolonged bleeding from the surgical sites. Slight bleeding is to be expected for at least the first 12 hours following surgery. If heavy persistent bleeding occurs, please call our office for instructions or if after hours contact Dr. Ray.

2. Take all prescribed medications as directed unless instructed to do otherwise by Dr. Ray. It is important to stay ahead of pain by taking your medication as directed. Take all antibiotics and finish them. AVOID ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING MEDICATIONS as severe interactions may occur.

3. To minimize swelling use ice packs intermittently every 20 minutes the day of surgery and warm moist heat the following day. Plan to sleep with head elevated for the first 48 hours following your surgery to help minimize swelling.

4. If sutures are placed, keep tongue from playing the sutures. If sutures become loose you may take a small pair of scissors and trim the suture, call and inform Dr. Ray that the suture is loose before trimming. This is common as some inflammation and swelling will occur with surgery, as you begin to heal the inflammation will subside, causing the suture to loosen.

5. Diet: For the first 24 hours remain on a cold liquid to soft food diet. The day of surgery and the day after surgery your diet should consist of foods like soup, milkshakes, yogurt, jello, pudding, and plenty of cold liquid fluids. (Diabetics may substitute with sugar-free items, protein enriched shakes, etc.). We recommend you begin your cold diet prior to taking medication and continue this for the first 24 hours. You may begin a warm soft food diet on the day following surgery. Maintain a soft diet and avoid eating/chewing on the surgical site as much as possible. NO SALADS, NUTS, CRISPY FOODS, HARD CANDY OR CHEWING GUM.

The following are recommendations:

A. Eggs in all forms

B. Soups, bouillons, chowders and pastas

C. Soft meats such as baked fish, canned tuna, salmon, potted meats, and finely ground chicken.

D. Soft, pureed vegetables (potatoes, peas, beans, carrots, asparagus, etc.)

E. Fortified low-fat milk, buttermilk, cottage cheese, yogurt.

F. Unsweetened juices and protein milkshakes. EAT THREE MEALS A DAY AND DRINK AT LEAST 6-8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY. You may want to purchase the “I CAN’T CHEW COOKBOOK” from Amazon. It has great recipes for the healing mouth.

6. It is common to run a low-grade fever (not above 100) for the first day of surgery. If the fever continues or gets high please call our office.

7. If needed, salt water rinses may be done the day after surgery. Salt water rinse instructions: Mix 8oz of water with 1 tsp of salt. Rinses should start the day following surgery, rinse with a cold saltwater rinse 3-4 times a day, on the third day begin a warm saltwater rinse 3-4 times a day.

8.If prescribed use Peridex mouth rinse 2 times a day after meals to disinfect the site if this rinse has been prescribed. Do not gargle or spit the medication out. You will need to place the directed amount in the mouth, tilt head from side to side to let the medication coat the entire mouth, (primarily the treated surgical site) after rinsing patient is to lean over the sink and let the Peridex medication flow out of the mouth.DO NOT RINSE YOUR MOUTH WITH ANYTHING NOT PRESCRIBED

9. Gum transplant patients should have limited talking for the first 48 hours after surgery.

10. Patients who take aspirin or blood thinners daily may resume taking their medication the day following surgery, unless directed otherwise by your physician.

11. DO NOT BRUSH THE SURGICAL AREA until instructed to do by Dr. Ray which is usually at the time of the post-operative appointment.



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