The Little Implant Co. launched “The Pamela Ray,” an extra tapered design and sharp cutting threads allow for high primary stability when replacing teeth in narrow ridges with minimal bone.

This announcement is the first of its kind!   Dr. Pamela Ray is the first woman in the world to design and have a dental device named after her.  She is incredibly proud of the periodontal work she is doing with the Little Implant Co.

The Little Implant Co. is owned by clinicians – not banks, not Wall Street institutional investors, not dental distribution companies – just clinicians. This company’s mission is defined so that “its products, its educational materials, its advanced mentoring programs are all about empowering General Practitioners to undertake successful implant procedures.”

They are not about frills because they know that dentists are smart, value-oriented consumers who are well aware that if they pay for the frills they have to pass those costs onto their patients.

Little Implant Co. designed all of their new implants. The new implants are manufactured in France by a superb family-owned business; also a little company.

They are the first implant company to have Mentor in a BoxTM a clinician support system that accompanies each implant you purchase. What do they charge you for this access to leading clinicians who, like you, are 100% committed to patient treatment? Nothing. Zero. It’s free. Why? Because they want to earn your loyalty one implant at a time.

Dr. Ray is honored to be a co-founder and clinical instructor for the Little Implant Co.