San Antonio, TX (April 9, 2018) – Herb Watts, or as many locals call him, ‘Herb from the Curb,’ a beloved Southwest Airlines (SWA) Skycap for over twenty-three years, known for his incredible smile and positive outlook on life, is losing his famous smile.

Over the last two decades, Herb’s smile helped bring sunshine to thousands of travelers at the SWA curbside luggage check of San Antonio’s International Airport. However, due to a severe case of acid reflux and a long road to finding the right course of treatment, his teeth have been decimated by acidity. The acid has eroded the enamel of his teeth, causing destruction, intense pain, inflammation, and infection. Without dental implants, Herb faces long-term health concerns such as tooth and gum decay, nerve damage, heart disease, and a host of other health issues.

Periodontist, Dr. Pamela Ray, and general restorative dentist, Dr. Joseph Ferro, are working together to rebuild Herb’s dental health. He is scheduled to undergo several procedures over the course of six to twelve months to be rehabilitated using dental implants.

While Herb has dental insurance, they have refused to cover this treatment because dental implants are considered “cosmetic,” despite all medical evidence and recommendations provided by the dental and gastroenterology specialists. “Herb’s overall health is at stake. Therefore, we made it our mission to help save Herb’s smile through a strategic surgical and restorative plan.” comments Dr.Ray The vast majority of medical and dental insurance policies do not recognize, or support the impact oral health has on people’s overall health and wellness in that they do not cover loss of teeth due to medical conditions like acid reflux. Dental implants are not just cosmetic; they are replacements for the teeth, just as in cases where patient’s have lost a limb and have prosthetics to allow them to function and live normal lives.

Dr. Ray and Dr. Ferro estimate the surgeries and restorative will cost over $60,000, as Herb’s treatment is more complex than most cases. The doctors launched a account to help Herb pay for these life-changing procedures.

“Herb needs extensive dental treatment as a result of a medical condition which he works thru on a daily basis. He epitomizes and exemplifies all the special qualities that set apart Southwest Airlines from all other carriers. He is like my brother, and as long as I have the talents that God gave me no one in my ‘family’ will suffer dentally,” said Dr. Ferro.

Dr. Ray and Dr. Ferro are asking the community to rally behind one of San Antonio’s brightest ambassadors. Help Herb regain his oral health and bring back his brilliant smile!

San Antonio needs ‘Herb from the Curb’ and Herb needs you!





“Herb from the Curb”, a beloved Southwest Airlines skycap for over 23 years, known for his incredible charm and positive outlook on life, is losing his famous smile and his health.

Herb’s plight does not fair well with me, or Dr.Pamela Ray. 

While Herb has dental insurance the amount it will cover is less than 5% of the total amount. Herb’s medical insurance has refused to cover his treatment despite all evidence provided by dental and gastroenterology specialists that his dental dilemma is a DIRECT result of a severe medical issue. 

Herb desperarely needs prosthetic replacements, just like patients that have lost a limb. Acid reflux has amputated Herb’s ability to masticate and it is our mission to provide him with the prosthetics he needs to chew, digest and yes-smile.

Herb epitomizes and exemplifies all the special qualities that set SWA apart from all other carriers. No one knows how much pain he deals with because Herb never complains, but we know…

He is like my brother and as long as I have the talents that God gave me no one in my “family” will suffer dentally.  We will do everything we can to help him and it is my hope you will support Herb too.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.